About Us
Our Company
Pacific Continental Textiles, known as PCT is one of Southern California’s most established and experienced commission textile service and apparel manufacturing providers. PCT specializes in high quality, rapid response manufacturing. Located in the heart of the region’s textile industry, PCT is a full service company with a full range of dyeing, finishing, digital printing and apparel manufacturing capabilities. For added convenience, the company has a textile design studio for custom printing and novelty fabric development.
PCT is the only U.S dyeing and finishing certified organic dye house in the USA.
PCT was established in 1981 and has been a leader in textile innovation ever since. The company was the first to develop garment dyeing and washing in Southern California .Continuing to innovate in the 21st. century, PCT has recently added the region’s most advanced and largest digital printing capabilities. The company has also developed strategic alliances with local and international apparel factories which allows it to rapidly “scale-up” as needed.
PCT’s company culture, based on its founder’s personal beliefs has always been focused not only on exceeding customers’ expectations but also to manage the business with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. Environmental sustainability has always been part of the company’s culture. PCT tries to tread as lightly as possible on “Mother Nature “. The company continues to invest in the latest technology constantly reducing our carbon footprint. Our latest generation equipment uses significantly less water & electricity. We believe it’s the little things we do which count also. We have reduced the number of days we water our landscaping and fully support our team members’ efforts to recycle plastic water bottles.
The company is multi-cultural, inclusive and has been satisfying clients and creating careers in Southern California for over 37 years. Many of PCT’s team members have been with the company for over 20 years.
Our Mission
PCT’s mission is to provide exceptionally designed and manufactured textiles and apparel through our domestic and international manufacturing and sourcing network. PCT delivers superior levels of quality, speed and unexpected pricing, while always maintaining high levels of integrity and honest business practices.
Our Strategy
PCT adds value by managing a diverse and vertically integrated operation and alliances that manufacture textiles and apparel which appeal to a broad range of clients. Its unique manufacturing and sourcing model with domestic and international footprints allow its clients to best balance speed and pricing considerations as per their business needs. PCT is an “end-to-end” solution to its client’s textile and apparel needs.