Direct-to-Fabric Digital Printing
PCT is your 21st Century Digital Printing Solution
We have the largest digital printing capacity in Southern California.
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Why Print Digitally?
  • The level of print clarity & color definition quality is much improved.
  • Design & color choices are virtually unlimited.
  • No films, no screens & no set-up charges.
  • Sampling & regular production is much faster.
  • Most projects can be completed within 10 days.
  • There are no production minimums.
  • PCT can handle very small to very large orders.
  • We are always working to reduce costs. Our digital printing costs are competitive with traditional printing methods.
  • And… Digital printing is environmentally friendly. Digital printing uses 40 % less electricity and 50% less water than traditional printing methods.
PCT’s Digital Printing Core Competencies include:
  • We print on knit and woven fabrics.
  • Digital printing on cotton, cotton-rayon, rayon-modal, nylon & silk fabric.
  • Continuous quality assurance.
Special finishing techniques available:
  • Anti-microbial & wicking finishes.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What types of Fabrics does PCT digitally print on?

We digitally print on cotton, cotton-rayon, rayon-modal and silk. Coming soon: Nylon fabric digital printing!!

2. What is PCT’s minimum production run?

PCT digital printing has no minimum order size.

3. How quick will my order be completed?

Usually within 10 days.

4. Does PCT have high volume pricing?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

5. Does PCT stand behind its work?

Always has and always will. For over 35 years PCT has worked hard to develop and maintain its reputation as a company you can trust. Problems are rare, however when they occur we always stand behind our work.

6. What is the maximum width fabric PCT can digitally print on?

We can digitally print on fabrics up to 68 inches wide.

7. Which techniques do you use for cotton/ rayon fabrics?

We use a reactive dye digital printing process.

8. Do you print on synthetic fabrics?

No, not at this time.

9. Is there a difference if my base fabric is white or colored?

In order to achieve high quality digital printing, we strongly recommend white or light colored base fabrics.

10. Can PCT provide finished digitally printing fabric rather than commission digital printing services?

Yes, please contact us for specifics.