Direct-to-Fabric Digital Printing
PCT is your 21st Century Digital Printing Solution
We have the largest digital printing capacity in Southern California.
Why Print Digitally?
  • The level of print clarity & color definition quality is much improved.
  • Design & color choices are virtually unlimited.
  • No films, no screens & no set-up charges.
  • Sampling & regular production is much faster.
  • Most projects can be completed within 10 days.
  • There are no production minimums.
  • PCT can handle very small to very large orders.
  • We are always working to reduce costs. Our digital printing costs are competitive with traditional printing methods.
  • And… Digital printing is environmentally friendly. Digital printing uses 40 % less electricity and 50% less water than traditional printing methods.
PCT’s Digital Printing Core Competencies include:
  • We print on knit and woven fabrics.
  • Digital printing on cotton, cotton-rayon, rayon-modal, nylon & silk fabric.
  • Continuous quality assurance.
Special finishing techniques available:
  • Anti-microbial & wicking finishes.
Production Video #1